Alessandro Paglia’s Not-Real Sculptures By Pen

Take a moment to contemplate the Alessandro Paglia’s Not-Real Sculptures by pen.

Alessandro Paglia is an abstract art artist and a photographer that uses pen and ink to create sculptures that just can´t be real.

Alessandro Paglia’s Not-Real Sculptures By PenIt´s true, they are not real, but they are, because they were created by the contemporary  artist entirely by hand, first through a pencil sketch.

And then by the use of “superimposing a layer of chaotic lines on top of another” with intensely black.

Black pens on rough-grain cotton paper, the artist spends a painstaking fifty, to two hundred and fifty hours working on each oversize drawing.

But these really large modern art drawings are the the result of the artist combining his two passions, these being photography and fine art.

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First he takes to the photography studio where, after arranging his contemporary art chosen subject , Alessandro Paglia shoots some photos.

And then he tries to achieve the perfect image that offers exactly what he’s looking for regarding the composition, and the play of shadows and light.

As he says, “normally, I do not just reproduce an object as is, but with simple interventions such as a special coating, a deformation […] I want to get a surprise, a ‘twist’ on the story that the object recounts.”

We can see that in this picture, the artist is indeed drawing, but it just looks too real.