Campana Brothers – Racket Chair

Racket Chair by Campana Brothers 2013

I love the São Paulo based Campana Studio’s from Humberto and Fernando brothers.  Seating that recycles itself, Racket Chair, in their Racket collection, combines bent brass, nylon stitched base, and a hand-stitched motif made that reminds the backings of Thonet chairs, originally designed over a century ago. In this case there are other influences from Thonet Chair’s from  Helge Vestergaard Jensen also titled Racket Chair.

Campana Racket Chair

The detail on the back is the cherry on top of the cake also taking us to the sport it self like a tennis ball had just perforated the stiched motif. This collection will be presented next month, from June 5th to July 3rd at the Friedman Benda Gallery. Will you be there?

Racket Chair Stiched motif Detail