Choi Xoo Ang – Unique Sculptural Art

I love Choi Xoo Ang human emotion art and unique sculptural artChoi Xoo Ang is an emerging mixed media artist based out of Seoul, South Korea who creates figurative sculptures out of clay and resin that examines human rights, society’s pathological state, and sex and gender politics among other themes. The distortion of the reality is something amazing in his work where you can feel a little of the real in the whole fantasy. Without boundaries he creates pieces that you can’t be indifferent or even shocked. He has been awarded by several prizes being one of them the Artists of Tomorrow 2010, Sungkok Museum Award, Seoul, Korea.



His sculptures wear poignant expressions. Their anger and frustration is written on their faces. The body itself is treated like a malleable sculpting medium in Choi’s marble-like, flesh-toned works. Body parts are isolated and taken out of context. Heads and hands are multiplied and used to create larger shapes. He shows us the realism of the human emotion frozen in an instant. The flow of life through polymer clay figures, breathes the difficult reality we face today if Man does not confront the outer world. Choi personifies what he feels inside canalized by every emotion in a multidimensional way.

He works through the whole body or a part, focusing on the intensity of sensation as he crystallizes life filled with so much severity and darkness. His artistic intuition suggests that Man hides behind his body but that the soul is so powerful that skin speaks a language of its own, howling when it hurts and playful when peaceful. However, when continuously fighting against society and the burden of existence, the quintessence of numbed flesh dies even though the blood flows and the heart still beats.

I love Choi Xoo Ang hyperrealistic art. He is an emerging mixed media artist based out of Seoul who createsunique sculptural art

Choi Xoo Ang has his bizarre artworks exhibited in many contemporary art events and also auctioned. The artist makes a point by creating sculptures that make an impact to each one that has the pleasure to appreciate its art.

Distorted and haunting, and certainly not for the squeamish, above everything else, his work reveals his deep concern for the human condition in society – and how he feels that something needs to change. Although the viewer is both repulsed and fascinated by the gut-wrenching hyperrealist sculptures of human bodies, Xoo Ang’s mastery of the art and eye for detail right down to the smallest vein, is remarkable and reminds of the intricate work of Ron Mueck.

As well as being hyperrealist, the artist’s work is also surrealist and is charged with existential questions.

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His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Seoul such as The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gimhae Arts Centre, Seoul Museum of Art, Gwangiu Museum of Art and the Museum of Art Seoul National University, Dukwon Gallery, Doosan Art Center, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Alternative Space Choong Jung Gak, Kwan Hoon Gallery and Gallery Espace Sol. Internationally, Choi is taking his first steps into the contemporary art world in Paris, Beijing and Singapore.

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