Discover the Unique Architectural Collages By Mattias Jung

Dear modern art lover, be ready to Discover the Unique Architectural design Collages By Mattias Jung, a world with so beautifully architectural places we all wished we could lived in them, by the sea or deep in the clouds.

Discover the Unique Architectural Collages By Mattias JungA german graphic designer,Matthias Jung first constructed “surreal homes” as a boy, using photo collage in his father´s lab.

In January, the Collages artist resurrected this childhood project and created a series of dreamlike and structurally impossible collages with Photoshop.

“Working with this program is a bit like overcoming reality,” he says. “If something goes wrong I just click the back button. This is what’s different now.” Taking photographs from his travels, Jung creates incongruous images that are intended to challenge perceptions of space and architecture. “Collages are like dreams,” he says, “or maybe dreams are like collages”

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Matthias Jung modern art Collages worlds of surreal architecture that inhabit vast photographed landscapes.

His art installation merge together different elements of photography to create unusual compositions, structures you might vividly remember from a dream.

His contemporary art by placing the composite structures in commonplace landscapes the German-based graphic designer preserves their believably, allowing us to momentarily trick our brains into thinking these places actually exist in environments we have not yet explored.

Jung refers to the works as “architectural short poems,” a perfect description for how they are visually consumed by the eye.

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