Embroidery Art By Jessica So Ren Tang

Embroidery is not old people hobbies, it can be art, and who is the best to show us that then Jessica So Ren Tang with Embroidery Art.

Embroidery Art By Jessica So Ren TangJessica So Ren Tang, from San Francisco, with 25 years old is a artist with a warehouse production, and her magnificent and abstract art hand-stitched pieces are going to let us full of envy to have the power to do such magnificent hand embroidery.

Since she is a child she wanted to be an artist. But then she started to do Embroidery Art and playing with fabric and threads when she graduated with a BA in Studio Art at Mills College in Oakland.

One great modern art piece is the cup noodle container created with different materials like threats and fabric.


” I enjoyed the softness and texture of embroidery in my sculpture pieces and I continued looking for other objects to replicate. I was more interested in sculpture but disliked the bulk clay and similar mediums had. ” says the contemporary artist.

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Most of her famous contemporary art pieces are asian women, but at the beggining connections with tattoo art.

Replacing the skin of suggestively posed Asian women was intended to obscure the girl’s identity, in an attempt to address this Asian American dual identity experience.

 Embroidery Art by the artist often are girls with beautiful skin designs.

The girls’ facial markers are removed but replaced with an Asian pattern, still retaining an Asian identity but non-specific to her ethnicity. But the style of pattern on the girl has specific origins to an Asian culture.

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