Giant Humans in Guillaume Chirons Collages

Dear readers, Iloboyou has to offer you something different this time. Giant Humans in Guillaume Chirons Collages will not only leave you impressed but also is going to inspire you to take some time next saturday morning with some nice coffee and cookies, to make contemporary art  Collages to decorate your home!

Giant Humans in Guillaume Chirons Collages

If not your own home, perhaps you can offer it as a gift!

The contemporary artist named Guillaume Chiron combines new and old photography to create a humorous world of modern art, where people are giants.

Playing with scale and context, Chiron inserts oversized humans into urban landscapes, or shrinks down people to fit astride cats or on meteors in the galaxy.

The french collage artist also published a book of 250 collages.

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Throughout the book, Chiron delivers collages with something to say, some deeper idea being communicated. This isn’t the free-range Dadaism we find in a lot of contemporary collage. This is neither didactic nor the collage of happy accidents. This is purposeful, intentional work.”

 The abstract art collage artist show us a funny world of the mid century domestic life pictures and magazines photos combined in a way that big humans use mountains as bed sheets.

These portraits are also online on the artist Tumblr. If you want to have more inspiration. Just take some magazines and open your mind to a more artistic friday red wine night.

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