Meet the artist behind the flower-women sculptures

Meet the artist behind the flower-women sculptures.

The Paris-based artist Jean Michel Bihorel works with dried hydrangea blossom to create these amazing sculptures.

He started to work in Paris doing animated commercial and print for the past few years, but lately, with the flower series, he started to focus more on the artistic development.

The flower series started when he found a dried hydrangea on the street. The structure was so fascinating to him that he decided that he had to do something with it.

The artist has digitally sculpted this delicate ‘flower figure’.  It has been meticulously multiplied over the framework of a female anatomy, creating surreal digital sculptures that blends the natural and the physical world.

These art sculptures allowed him to to explore the possibilities of realism from software to imagine a sculpture made of flowers, which seems natural.

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So here we have a series made of dried hydrangea flowers and marble. Jean Michel Bihorel created these marble sculptures integrating a mix of 3D scanning techniques and procedural modeling — using houdini maya and redshift to create a sequence of carefully placed postures.

These blossoming digital sculptures by Jean-Michel Bihorel combine the artist’s fascination with flowers and the female form.

He creates these modern sculptures  made of cracked marble, where the gaps are filled with dried hydrangea flowers and leaves.

Some of the modern art sculptures have moments of falling asleep and dance, his art is both ethereal and nostalgic.

In some figures, the artist shows only flower made sculptures, in other he adds the marble to the flower women form.

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