Mirror Art Installation By Yayoi Kusama

Dear art lover, prepare to be jealous of those who go to the Mirror installation by Yayoi Kusama. Because is just like entering in a different world, or entering a different dimension is so similar as entering the Mirror Art Installation By Yayoi Kusama.

Mirror Art Installation By Yayoi KusamaBorn and raised in Japan, Yayoi Kusama emerged as an artist during the Vietnam era and continues to make modern art work that still reaches worldwide.

Using mirrors, Yayoi Kusama transformed an intense repetition of her paintings and paper works into a perceptual experience.

Ranging from peep-show-like chambers to multimedia mirrors installations, each of  Yayoi Kusama kaleidoscopic environments offers the chance to step into an illusion of infinite space.

Some of the rooms are designed to be physically entered; others are accessed from the exterior. People can just peep, look to the inside of the abstract art or really enter in the contemporary art room.

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The artist exhibited the works together in an attempt to create hallucinatory scenes, creating new hallucinogenic experiences.

This art installations is going so viral now, also because of the Instagram era, people can go into these rooms, only three at a time and only for 20 seconds, and the waiting line is for 20 minutes.

The Japanese contemporary artist is the responsible for this amazing mirror installations that is going to be the art event of 2018. Most of the events already don´t have enough tickets.

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