The New Baroque Oil Paintings By Naomi Devil

Dear modern art readers, meet Naomi Devil, and you say uhhhh, if devil is in her name, she must have some devil in her art, well guess out… we are the devils. The New Baroque Oil Paintings By Naomi Devil.

The New Baroque Oil Paintings By Naomi Devil

Who can decide whether she is travelling in time or time itself is shifting, and whether Naomi Oil Paintings are haunted by apparitions of the past, or rambling amidst visions of the future?

This is a riddle similar to the aporia of Chuang Tzu, who awoke from his sleep and could not decide whether he had dreamed of being a butterfly or the butterfly was then dreaming of being him.

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Naomi Devil, a contemporary art artist from Hungary, living and working in Vienna and Budapest has the great  artworks that find a way between the baroque art and modern art portraits.

Her works are characterized by a very intense visual effect achieved both through composition and the use of color.

In her latest series, she mixed mainly baroque oil paintings with contemporary elements and minimal architecture. She gave a new meaning to these masterpieces by taking out figures from their original context and putting them into new contemporary ones.

Naomi Devil is a contemporary painter par excellence. She devours everything offered by our digital era. Both the aesthetics of Baroque painting masters and the visual worlds of science-fiction appear on her menu creating surrealism art.

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