Nigel Cox’s “Solitude & The Road to Extinction” Oil Paintings

Nigel Cox observes the busy streets of London and transports the drawn-figures into this beautiful, peaceful and lonely world. These oil paintings transform these anonymous figures into the focus aspect of these paintings of an empty and isolated world.


Extinct I

The world that the artist reflects these figures in, is a calm place exploring themes of solitude and extinction, referencing it to wide aspects from nature to popular culture.

Extinct II

Ezekiel Rising

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These 16 figurative oil paintings evoke the peaceful solitude as a comforting place to be against the rushing times happening all around us. The painter wants us to stop and take some time to reflect on what is happening around us.

The Odyssey

A work that began to be worked on around twenty months ago, it explores such a creative concept related to the extinction and the people’s detachment from it in our everyday lives.

The Crossroads

oil paintings

The Silent Array

oil paintings

The demise of spectacular landscapes and creatures and the destruction of habitats as we go about our lives, oblivious or indifferent to it all. This contemporary art references to creatures in their natural habitats that the artist has seen before through his trips in his early 20’s, to the Safaris in Africa and Africa,  like elephants, rhinoceros, and polar bears. Creatures that are now on the verge of extinction, and scenarios that will certainly catch the people’s attention and a subject that will touch their hearts and minds.


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