Paper Art: The Amazing Collage Girl by Naomi Vona

Get to know Naomi Vona the paper art artist that creates amazing pictures using old photos. And we are in love with these portrait collages. A beautiful mix between the classic, the old and the contemporary new.

This paper artist makes the most amazing collage art and we are simply amazed with these portraits!

Paper Art: The Amazing Collage Girl by Naomi Vona Naomi is inspired by movies, music, novels and fun quotes and she describes her art as a mix and match of dadaism, surrealism and pop influences. “But it’s quite hard to define it. It’s a weird art” – she says.

And who doesn´t love weird modern art.

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She was graduated in the university of Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. And she had paper art exhibitions all through Europe. These paper art instalations are all from Germany, Spain, Ireland to Sweden .

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