Skull Sculptures In A Room in Melbourne

Dear Iloboyou reader, don´t you love miniature art? Yes off course, we all do, where we can find the artistic side of a miniature artwork being presented to a such big world. Well today we have Giant Skull Sculptures In A Room in Melbourne. Why in Melbourne? Let´s check out.

Skull Sculptures In A Room in MelbourneSome controversial art to open your appetite.

During the 2nd World War, Josef Mengele was a German officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp, in which he experiment in patients, even having taking the skin to produce lamps.

But this artist makes this only in resin and fiberglass , so don´t worry.

The australian artist Ron Mueck is known for his horror art sculptures, he has created his largest work to date.

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His art installation Mass contains 100 human skulls which are scattered and stacked throughout a art gallery at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.

The individual Skull Sculptures forms are created from fiberglass and resin, and when stood upright, rise to approximately three feet tall.

In some areas of the bones art installation piles of skulls reach five skulls in height, while in others visitors can approach individual Skull Sculptures modern art works resting on the gallery’s floor.

Skull Sculptures are placed amongst gilded paintings the works offer a somber reality, a morose peek into what physically relates each one of us.

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