Surreal Sculptures from Forest Rogers

You need to see the sculptures made by Forest Rogers.

Forest Rogers is an artist who manages to shake everyone’s emotions creating a world full of creatures. When we look at her artwork, there are simultaneous feelings from curiosity to dreaming about these creatures that look like they come out of childhood stories, and some of them even look evil.

Her handmade contemporary art has spoken to millions of fans that still are amazed every day by these art installations. A prize-winner sculpturist that will continue to share her experiences with us in vast and exciting new ways.

Forest Rogers started from an early age while playing on the beach with her mother sculping a sand-toad when she was two or three, while she didn´t knew that in the future she would famous by her modern art  Her mom used to paint aliens and creature like beings, no wonder she creates amazing contemporary sculptures.

Her father was also a painter, and her grandparents had a book illustrated house like a time machine. They had a bookcase in a dark hall, full of storybooks, so she spent hours sitting on the floor exploring those shelves. The musty book fragrance makes her remember that time. This was going to be this modern sculptures inspiration.

But, when she was five months old, her father drowned himself and that blew her and her´s mother world.

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The question is …

How can artists turn pain into art?

Being an artist is to use sorrow, the deeps that might never have evolved in the normal light of day. It´s a minor symbol for something that cannot be expressed.

As an artist, the question becomes, what can you turn it into, what are the alchemical uses of sorrow, how do you transmute pain, what luminescence can you find in the deeps that might never have evolved in the normal light of day.

Surreal Sculptures from Forest Rogers

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