Wood Sculptures By Daniel Popper Welcomes People To The Beach

Dear Iloboyou friends and art lovers, be amazed by these incredible Wood Sculptures By Daniel Popper Welcomes People To The Beach. Like it came from the sand or from a fairy tale story full of wood giant people.

Wood Sculptures By Daniel Popper Welcomes People To The BeachThe South African artist Daniel Popper, known for his massive figurative wood sculptures, has constructed a new art installation as part of an modern art and culture festival in Tulum, Mexico.

The Wood Sculpture  installation is titled Ven a la Luz (come into the light), and is comprised of wood and rope formed into a female figure.

The contemporary artist made her torso filled with lush green plants, which creates an archway for viewers to walk through.

Contemporary art, Ven a La luz will be permanently installed at the resort Ahau Tulum now that the inaugural festival, Art With Me, has concluded.

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As Tulum’s popularity for vacationing has exploded over the last several years, development and cultural investment has dramatically increased in the area.

Recently, a member of the famed Guggenheim family built an art gallery using a similar rustic, rectilinear style to Popper’s festival-friendly sculpture.

So he was invited by Boom Festival to create a feature abstract art piece that complimented the dance temple.

A piece for people to enjoy and relax at during the day and in the evening to take a break from dancing and enjoy the visual feast of projection mapping by Wayne Ellis. The piece stood 13 meters tall , created using wood, steel and Rope and a variety of re purposed materials from the land.

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