10 Artistic Living and Dining Room Inspirations That You Will Love

In this article, you will find some gorgeous dining and living rooms which will amaze, conquer the most skeptical and increase some joyful emotions over everyone. A dream house is a difficult task to create, but with these suggestions, you can retrieve some ideas to implement at your home. Colors, colors, and more colors. A fantastic display of color combinations makes any of these projects a wonderful space to live.

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Firstly we have a glamorous room with pink accents full of flavor designs. Having dinner in this place will delight everyone, don’t you think? The highlight? The Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo.

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More like a dining room of a palace, the next suggestion is an astonishing room. Make your dreams fly with this awesome space. The Empire Round Table looks stunning and perfect in this amazing setting.

With golden touches everywhere this regal living room embraces luxury as is best. The detailed ceiling is a stunning example of luxurious decor and a prime example of elegant decor. The Versailles Sofa and the Hera Round II Chandelier look amazing.

In this bright, neutral SoHo loft in New York City inspired by the style of interior designer Ghislaine Viñas we can find a stunning curved sofa by Boca do Lobo. The curvy furniture helps to balance the boxy, industrial proportions of the living room area, and a pair of bright yellow center table injects some mood-boosting color that energizes and warms the space. And how about the mural in the ceiling? Just WOW

In this sophisticated French living room, matte white paint on the walls and ceiling create an enveloping feel day or night that invites relaxation. Light oak flooring, a pale area rug, and a large, deep sectional sofa in a soft pale shade of gray create a cozy conversation area. The combination of neutrals is so deep they almost look grey while retaining a livable and sometimes more flattering softness, depending on the room and its orientation and natural light. A room inspired by the style of Francis Sultana.

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This living room inspired by Michelle Gerson Interiors has clean lines and a golden-white palette. The amazing armchairs create added drama that works well in a minimalist or more sophisticated room.

A simple way to bring life to a minimalist living room is to focus on a statement piece. In this living room inspired by Tom Ford we find two amazing armchairs, but above all a stunning rug that adds a sculptural element and soft ambient to the room.

This contemporary all-grandiose living room has curvy, chunky, sculptural furniture and is highlighted with a vintage piano that adds a decorative element over the incredible staircase.

This bright and breezy Melbourne dining room has simple, clean-lined furnishings in a mix of gold and wood tones, a single boldly colorful piece of design art, and a pair of shiny copper-toned chairs that make this room so incredible.

A space dedicated to good food and great conversation, the dining room is an essential part of any family home. This project in Paris inspired by Jean Louis Deniot features a strong dose of Parisian style with a brass candelabra chandelier, bistro-style chairs and an iconic round table.

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