100 Skull Giant Sculptures: Ron Mueck’s Largest Art Installation

The famous Australian contemporary artist Ron Mueck, known for his hyper-realistic sculptures, has presented his largest art installation entitled “Mass”, a collection of 100 monumental hand-cast skulls.

100 Skull Giant Sculptures: Ron Mueck's Largest Art Installation

100 Skull Giant Sculptures: Ron Mueck's Largest Art Installation

This modern art installation was commissioned specially for the National Gallery of Victoria’s International Triennial, the impressive and intimidating skulls were displayed through the galleries, each skull carefully placed into a tumbling mass.

100 Skull Giant Sculptures: Ron Mueck's Largest Art Installation

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Mueck gives up his typically obsessive detail in bringing to life his hyper-realistic contemporary sculpture by focusing on what remains long after our bodies have decayed. “Mass intrudes into the 18th Century Galleries like a glacier inching across a landscape, crowding out the powdered, bewigged lords and ladies, a reminder of all our fates,” the artist said.

And with this, the modern sculptures play off memento mori, the medieval Christian theory, and contemplation of mortality that has long fascinated artists, from 17th-century sculptors like Bernini to painters like Picasso. The 100 human skull forms recall to mind iconic images of massed remains in the Paris catacombs as well as the documentation of contemporary human atrocities in places such as Cambodia, Rwanda, and Iraq.

The impressive scale and size of the sculpture’s design create a shock to the visitors. Overwhelmed by the sea of skulls, it’s impossible to avoid for visitants not to dwell between the beauty of their form and the intensity of their significance.

Each hand-finished skull, cast in resin, is also a tribute to Mueck’s artistic dedication to precision. The slight variations in form individualize each of the 100 skulls, adding his signature realistic touch to the surreal installation.