5 Exhibitions in New York Embracing the Art of Craftsmanship

From Aaron Poritz’s sensual wooden furniture to Katie Stout’s stunning collection of bronze pieces, these exhibitions are brimming with ideas. In this article, you’ll 5 must-sees New York Exhibitions embracing and honoring the art of craftsmanship!

Art Of Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship Design Pieces
New York Exhibitions Inspired By The Art Of Craftsmanship
1. “Klown Town” at R&Company
Craftsmanship Design Pieces  by Katie Stout in  R&Company
“Klown Town” by Katie Stout

Katie Stout’s bronze works include a monumental cabinet and a selection of standing and suspended illuminated sculptures. These unique pieces were created in a residence at the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia Design, the historic bronze factory in Milan.

Nicolas Bellavance Lecompte, the former director of the R&Company, says that her work “evokes simultaneously a sense of dark irony and joyful celebration of childhood.”

On view until April 22.

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Hera Suspension Lamp
2. “Continuum” at Les Ateliers Courbet
Craftsmanship Design Pieces by Pieter Maes in Les Ateliers Courbet
Palindrome chair and fold side table by Pieter Maes

Located in Chelsea, Les Ateliers Courbet has a collection of limited edition furniture craftsmanship pieces by Belgian designer Pieter Maes.

Pieter Maes’ pieces are a combination of skills and techniques, and his works were made in collaboration with Dutch master cabinetmaker Rutger Graas, French upholsterers from Jouffre, and stone artisans from Il Granito and 3DW.

On exhibit until May 10th.

3. Dee Clements and Rutger de Regt at The Future Perfect
Craftsmanship Piece by Dee Clemens.
Craftsmanship Piece by Dee Clemens.
Craftsmanship Piece by Dee Clemens.
Craftsmanship Piece by Dee Clemens.

These exclusive craftmanship pieces are in the gallery’s West Village outpost at 8 St Luke’s Place.

The textile artist Dee Clements had created a body of large-scale, amorphic, voluptuous vessels that draw on ancient mythologies of women and weaving.

On view through April.

4. “Reliquary: Alive With Hope” at Culture Object 
Craftsmanship Design Pieces by Janny Baek in “Reliquary: I Live With Hope”
Porcelain Vessels by Janny Baek
Craftsmanship Design Pieces by Janny Baek in “Reliquary: I Live With Hope”
Porcelain Vessels by Janny Baek

“Reliquary: I Live With Hope” presents a dozen sculptural forms by eight artists, only one of whom had ever made a vase for a plant as part of his practice.

One of the outstanding artists is Korean artist Janny Baek. She is architecture formed and her fantastic organic shapes are handcrafted from clay using a special “Nerikomi” process of stacking and cutting layers of color.

Patterned geometric blocks merge beautifully into solid color fields in a series of sensual, undulating shapes.

On exhibition until April 30th.

5. “Big Woods” at Cristina Grajales Gallery
Craftsmanship Design Pieces by  Aaron Poritz in “Big Woods” at Cristina Grajales Gallery.
“Big Woods” by Aaron Poritz

The designer Aaron Poritz took inspiration from trees, for this exhibition, “Big Woods” at Cristina Grajales Gallery.

In this exhibition, you can find seven new curvaceous pieces, including a vanity, desk, bar, coffee table, and floor lamp. Some of the works were crafted using hemlocks from his father’s property in Massachusetts and others from a 180-year-old fallen oak he discovered in Connecticut.

On view through May 26.

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