A Click Away: Top Designers That Carry Their Legacy On Instagram

For many years, Instagram has always been a platform where people seek for daily inspiration, whether it is about modern art, their favorite celebrity’s fashion style, or ideas for their home design. I Lobo You has selected a few top designers that completely blow us away on this platform, hoping that it will leave your design inspiration running.

A Click Away Top Designers That Carry Their Legacy On Instagram top designers A Click Away: Top Designers That Carry Their Legacy On Instagram A Click Away Designers That Carry Their Legacy On Instagram

The idea of putting your life and work there has never been stronger and that is why people dedicate hard hours to make their Instagram accounts desirable and nice to look at.


Recognized as one of the best interior designers in the world, Pierre Yovanovitch is a professional who combines the modern with vintage unique details. Artistically speaking, the top interior designer defends a true sense of strength and temperance, achieved through a masterful interplay of harmonious volumes and strict lines softened by lighting and authentic materials.


The design brand has a motto, the art of designing and crafting exclusive pieces, that defend with all their heart. With over 156K of followers, this Instagram account sure is a major source of inspiration for not only product design, but interior design in general that will make your eyes flutter with amazingness.


As one of the most amazing top designers, Lehanneur emphasizes his fascination with the liquid state of materials and he is recognized through using marble and bronze to produce unique furniture pieces.


Nika Zupanc‘s products and interior design projects challenge the rational, traditional, sober and utilitarian by giving voice to the spontaneous, eclectic and intimate.

“I am very interested in working with icons, whether it is the material, a certain form or even a certain color. I am interested in the meaningful essence that those things possess.”

says Nika Zupanc


Zhipeng Tan’s practice, since graduating from the China Academy of Art, has been focused on the ancient technique of lost-wax casting. He is one of the most creative top designers. His furniture design is utterly out of the box and extremely artsy, just like we like it.


Vincenzo De Cotiis is known for being recognized as the architect and product designer who pairs salvaged materials to make beautifully imperfect creations.

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The top product designer has been devoted to fashion, jewelry, and architecture from an early age. In her Instagram account, you will find it all, and be left completely mesmerized.


Martins Brudnizki Design Studio’s philosophy is to bring a lived-in-luxurious feel to high-glamour projects and keeping a highly flexible approach that respects each client’s needs and character.


Besides having an interior design studio, Achille Salvagni also has his own collection of modern furniture and lighting and is recognized as one of the top designers in Italy.


Francis Sultana is a guru of contemporary design. Francis distinguishes his work on the use of limited edition pieces and one of a kind art decor objects.

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