A Curated and Inspiring Selection: Top Product Designers Of The Week

I Lobo You presents a curated selection of the Top Product Designers, notorious furniture artists that stood out in the design industry, the product design world. Take a look and discover more about ten creative minds who designed some of the most unique pieces in the world.

Cristina Celestino

100 Top Product Designer: Cristina Celestino
Ariosto 03

Each product designed by Cristina Celestino comes from a careful and never trivial thematic research which is always rich in reminiscent quotations and resonances from worlds with extraordinary expressive and emotional strength.

Geoffrey Mann

100 Top Product Designer Geoffrey Mann (1)
Geoffrey Mann, Scottish product designer.
100 Top Product Designer Mann (2)

Geoffrey Mann‘s work embraces the symbiotic relationship between digital media and physical form. His fascination with transposing the ephemeral nature of time and motion has created a studio practice that challenges the existing divides between art, craft, and design.

Karim Rashid

100 Product Designer: Karim Rashid
100 Product Designer: Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 4000 designs in production, over 300 awards, and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’s legend of modern design.

Sebastian Brajkovic

Brajkovic’s Twisted Art Furniture That Merges Old With New

Amsterdam-based designer Sebastian Brajkovics distorted sculptural forms look as though traditional French art furniture has been pulled through a time loop.

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Máximo Riera

100 Product Designer: MáximoRiera
100 Product Designer: MáximoRiera
The Animal Chair collection

The Animal Chair collection by Máximo Riera is a unique art furniture design, that reflects the product designer audacious and provocative style.

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Jacco Maris

100 Top Product Designer (7)
100 Top Product Designer Jacco Maris (11)

All light fittings are made by hand. This enables Jacco Maris to supplement its standard collections with bespoke work and special designs for projects, incorporating the client’s specific wishes in every fine detail.

Studio Molen

100 Top Product Designer: StudioMolen
100 Top Product Designer: StudioMolen

Studio Molen operates in both the public, private, and institutional domains and creates site-specific designs and autonomous works of art, founded by the modern artist Frederik Molenschot.

Peter Lane

100 Top Product Designer (1)
100 Top Product Designer (2)

Hailing from Oak Park, Illinois (with an artistic tradition all its own), Peter Lane was encouraged in his aesthetic pursuits by his high achieving parents. But it was not until the 1990s that Lane seriously devoted himself to ceramics.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld’s Newest Collection - Architectures
Karl Lagerfeld’s Newest Collection - Architectures

Architectures is an art collection of functional sculptures designed by Karl Lagerfeld and inspired by Antiquity, referred to as the origin of beauty, culture, and modernity by the designer.


100 Top Product Designer
The Evander has a sleek, attenuated form yet somehow manages an enveloping comfort.
100 Top Product Designer
A slab of 1-3/8” thick Borosilicate glass floats above a solid metal base which has a drawer conveniently incorporated within its frame.

KGBL is the product of a vision it’s three founding members had back in 2009 to design and produce a line of uncompromising, unapologetically modern furniture: a line of furniture dedicated to the design professional, furniture aficionado, and anyone else who simply searches for what is best.

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