Adorable Freaky Ceramic Sculptures By Erika Sanada

You cannot not see these Adorable Freaky Ceramic Sculptures By Erika Sanada. They are so cute yet so freaky.

Adorable Freaky Ceramic Sculptures By Erika SanadaAn amazing Japanese artist called Erika Sanada is the creator of these cute creatures.

Erika Sanada is based in the USA, where she gives birth to the abstract art adorable animals.

Most of these ceramic sculptures are in soft colors but still they are weird, connected to the dark side. But how can a adorable creature look so creepy?

Here´s how…

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The modern art artist says ” I’m using the ceramic medium to create my bizarre creatures. My animals have extra body parts such as multiple arms, legs, teeth, and ears. Clay allows me to create what’s in my head. A troubled childhood and constant “life” anxieties are all expressed in the series.”

Most of the contemporary art sculptures looks like two animals are connected to each other, like Siamese twins, they were born this way, others just have snarls, beaks, horns but in a cute way.

“Beautiful and disturbing are terms I hear when people talk about my work and I love that these two terms are not often used together. Life is also beautiful and disturbing. My work reflects the weird and the creepy. I am fascinated with the dark side.” says the  contemporary artist ,Erika Sanada.

Adorable ceramic sculptures creatures with two pairs of ears or paws or even little horns, like a unicorn-dog.

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