Alejandro Pereda’s unique and explosive art installation

The Mexican-born, the Brooklyn-based artist, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, creates the most intricate art installations. Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s “Horror Vacui” art series appropriates existing Romantic-style landscape and genre paintings sourced by the artist from within Istanbul.
In the contemporary art installation, each painting is hung on the wall, with a slab of concrete stuck onto it, partly hiding the image, like it was part of a wall is hanging on the painting.Alejandro Pereda’s unique and explosive art installation

Liquid concrete is then sprayed on the painting and surrounding wall. The resulting effect is provocative installations that looks like it has been accidentally damaged by processes of construction. The work is an allegory of where we might try to hide the past but it will always remain in the walls.

Alejandro Pereda’s unique and explosive art installation

Alejandro Pereda’s unique and explosive art installation

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By contrasting these representations of outdoor space with a building material such as concrete, Almanza Pereda calls attention to the irrational processes of human construction without protecting and respecting history.

The modern sculptures of  “horror vacui” “fear or dislike of empty spaces”, refers to a traditional visual technique of filling a decorated plane’s negative space with detail. The installation sets an idyllic view of nature against the corrosive and relentless process of humans shaping geography to their will.

It also points a critic to the covering up of historic elements, like paintings or sculptures, the interpretation of values across time, and changes in taste, from the hand-crafted painting to the concrete that is used today in construction within contemporary, minimal design interiors.