Architects and their living room sets

The living room is a key area of any house due to the amount of time the family spends together there and also because it’s a place to welcome guests. That said, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most inspirational area of any house and that living room ideas is something we always crave to see more.

For that reason, I selected 5 different luxury living room sets that will make you wish you lived there.

Architects and their living room sets Belle Epoque Residence imagined by Dream Design Studio

This luxorious living room was designed by Dream Design Studio taking inspiration from Art Deco Style. It is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The luxury furniture is placed perfectly in order to create this warm and luxury atmosphere.

Architects and their living room sets  Suna Interior Design

Suna Interior Design is a London based award winning studio and this living room set is another great example of their capacity to create modern and elegant homes.

Architects and their living room sets Eduard Căliman is an architectural visualizer based in Leeds, United Kingdom

This project is by Eduard Căliman from UK. The luxurious interior was envisioned as having an open layout, with a generously-sized sofa located in the middle, visually separating the lounge area from the dining space. The high end furniture is very well mixed together, in order to create this complete but not overwhelming living room.

Architects and their living room sets geometrix

This living room designed by the russian Geometrix Design will defy your standards of geometry. A very nice design in a contemporary living room we all wish was part of our own home.

Architects and their living room sets luxury elegant

This is part of the personal home of Susan Droven, an element of SAM Design team. The lixing room is inspired by scandinavian apartments and NY lofts, giving it a unique sense of style and elegance.