Art Basel in Hong Kong: Zhang Ru Yi

Dear Art Lover, if you find yourself in Hong Kong stay there, if not hurry up to catch the others art lovers in the world who are waiting for the amazing  Art Basel in Hong Kong: Zhang Ru Yi, the artist at the hong kong art basel.

Art Basel in Hong Kong: Zhang Ru YiFor the Discoveries sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong, Don Gallery will present a solo modern art presentation of works by Zhang Ruyi, a Chinese artist working across painting and installation.

Zhang Ru yi, that uses without any fear ceraic, wood and concrete in her contemporary art sculptures.

As Chen Xixing, owner and director of Don Gallery said:

“Contemporary art in China is brand new. It’s a baby. People need to discover more.”

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And also as Chen Xixing said is that the artist, Zhang Ru yi in the Discoveries collection descrives herself as a cactus. Why is that? Because she grow up in a really though enviroment. Because as a girl is not easy to become an artist. And because her main language is installantions.

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