Art Furniture Created by Fabio Novembre

Have a look at the Fabio Novembre art furniture. Be inspired by amazing contemporary art furniture. Beautiful pieces to have at home.

This Italian artist is an interior and a furniture designer that highlights the furniture innovative lines with forms and curves.

Art Furniture Created by Fabio NovembreHe was born in Milan in 1966 and he is an architect since 1992, he became famous through restaurants, nightclubs and shops decor design.

He is known for his interior home decoration and his art furniture where he incorporates the human figure into his furniture designs.

Fabio Novembre doesn´t hesitate to pose naked and he often emphasizes sex in modern furniture. He is a pioneer to the provocation and disturbing furniture design.

Like the ‘Him & Her” chairs that resemble masculine and feminine silhouettes.

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Fabio Novembre uses art furniture to tell intense and amazing stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure.

This human-like figure is capable of becoming abstract and universal like in a story tale, he is able to propose a mythicized beauty as occurred in Greek art where heroes took on proportionate and divine features in sculptures.

The Nemo chair, looks like a big mask, like one of those theater maks.And like a mask, it can simultaneously conceal and reveals his inhabitant.

It is big enough to protect the person who is inside and designed to be used outside and inside alike.

This interior design chair can manipulate the user to feel like he or she is inside a dream world to become the protagonist in a story!

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