Art furniture by Roberto Giulio Rida

Roberto Giulio Rida is a complete and atypical product designer know for this art furniture. Regardless of the artistic movements in the furniture design industry, he created his own world “where science fiction collide with the Italian Renaissance and the intensity of a mineral light.”

Art furniture by Roberto Giulio RidaArt furniture by Roberto Giulio Rida

Facing a solitary youth due to the many moves of his family, the taciturn child draw and collect small sculpted objects. His aunt, an educated woman, and artist encouraged him to visit museums, churches, and historical sites.

Art furniture by Roberto Giulio RidaArt furniture by Roberto Giulio Rida

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He attended the Brera Academy where he was a brilliant student.  When he moved to Venice as an antique dealer and frequents Murano masters who taught him for eight years the craft of glass.

In 1973, he returned to Milan, where he specialized in the Arts of the twentieth century. In parallel, he has created lightings and furniture covered with cut glass and crystal.
Rida’s first love was lamps,  with a highly colored collection of floor lamps created in the 1980s. Today for his furniture design, he develops plastic forms in brass, shaped and finished to display and exalt glass and crystal elements.

With this patrimony of know-how and the spirit of a treasure hunter, he developed a unique archive of glass clays, sheets, bowls, almost enough in themselves to inspire the next unique creation.

Rida’s modern furniture might include allusions to the Medieval and Art Déco, the Renaissance and 1950s, Cubism and Op Art, in a post-modern spirit arising out of his spontaneous love of shapes, without any underlying mission but in full awareness of the choices being made.

Written by Vera Silva