Art Gallery’s Highlights: Salon Art + Design 2018

The Salon + Art Design has officially ended. It has been a couple of days since the best and biggest “Art Gallery” in the world has showcased the most amazing pieces and all objects had for sure the “wow” effect.

I Lobo You has chosen some of the favorites art galleries from this year’s event. These galleries created pieces that could be used inside your house as part of your furniture, but also could simply be an amazing decorative object that goes beyond one’s expectations.

Friedman Benda Gallery


Misha Kahn’s Slurp, Snap, Arm Akimbo

The Twenty First art gallery gathers some of the most amazing European furniture designers in the modern design world.

Twenty First Gallery

Maurice Marty’s Grand Lampadaire

Hubert Le Gall’s Fauteuil Maxou

FUMI art gallery enhances the past, the present and the future of art in all their artistically alluring pieces.

Gallery FUMI

MARKUNPOIKAS’s Contra Naturam Bookshelf

Alex Hull’s Line Chair

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Limited Edition Collection Boca do Lobo

London’s David Gill Gallery, one of the best international art galleries, returned to this year’s design event in the cold New York City. This gallery celebrated the wonders of contemporary furniture design and art.

David Gil Gallery

Mattia Bonetti’s Lamp Vase

Fredrikson Stallard’s Species Armchair

Surrealism influenced many pieces, whether it was the twisted clock tied up in a knot by the British sculptor Alex Chinneck, or a bronze bench dripping dew drops by Reinier Bosch in the Priveekollektie stall.


Alex Chinneck’s Growing Up Gets Me Down Clock

art gallery

Reinier Bosch Melting Bench


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Soho Collection Boca do lobo