Art – A Tribute to Moog

Robert Moog

As I am a music lover, today not only Google honors him as I also pay tribute to Robert Arthur Bob Moog, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. If he was alive, this American gentleman would be 78 years old. Considered the pioneer of electronic music, Bob Moog was the founder of Moog Music.

Bob Moog, who was a native of New York City received a Grammy Trustees Award for lifetime achievement in 1970. In 2002, Moog was honored with a Special Merit/Technical Grammy Award, and an honorary doctorate degree from Berklee College Music. His innovative electronic design is employed in numerous synthesizers including the Minimoog Model D, Minimoog Voyager, Little Phatty, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals.


Moog was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor on April 28, 2005. Nearly four months later, he died at the age of 71 in Asheville, North Carolina on August 21, 2005. The Bob Moog Foundation was created as a memorial, with the aim of continuing his life’s work of developing electronic music.

Robert Moog