The Beauty in Cristina Córdova Ceramic Bodies

The Beauty behind Cristina Córdova sculpture art.  These contemporary sculptures made of ceramic by Cristina Córdova will make your day. The artist originally from Puerto Rico studied engineer, but she decided to pursue a career in contemporary art.

Her parents were physicians, so she thought that notion of career was the only one, but then when she was doing engineering school, she saw that was not her disposition and found out space for creativity.

Her main influence was a couple that taught her that being an artist is also a way of living.

“Of course, I didn’t know anything about sculpting the body, but I knew I loved the material and that I loved the figure and I had to find a way to bridge the two.”

She met an artist called Jaime Suarez. The way that he taught clay was a big influence. He was so open and cathartic in his treatment. He was doing these big sculptures, but he was also doing just very intimate parts, and I think that was Cristina Cordova first connection with the material.

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She was a dancer so she knows how to communicate using the body, using the materials also to create a bridge between the two.

Cristina Cordova has some mechanical tools for turning big modern sculptures around. In the past years she started to used the computer and the digital world so most of her rendering starts with a set of photographs of the sculpture design that takes views of the model in the round, and then she picks a form. She prints out the front and the sides of the model in sections and then tape them together at scale.

So if she´s working on something that is six feet tall,she will have the six-foot print outs on the wall. So Cristina Cordova can keep turning them and turning the modern art sculpture.

The beauty in Cristina Cordova ceramic bodies“When you start working as an artist, you’re so taken with the material, it’s like being in love. You can’t stop thinking about it, and every little thing about it excites you, and year after year, all those things start to become water under the bridge. The excitement becomes more elusive, and it takes you twice as long to get to that moment of impressing yourself.”