Best Italian Rosé Wines

Summer transforms even the most single-minded aficionado of aged tannin into a drinker of lightness. Thanks to the heat one goes in search of serving temperatures of around 10°C, so as to also make wine a pleasantly refreshing beverage. On the inaccessible highway of those who refuse to give up the red but do not want to yield to the white, there is an oasis of graceful compromise, a pink apostrophe amid the words “a summer raising of glasses”.
A rosé is the perfect embodiment of the vivacious and jaunty ideal of the beautiful season, with a mischievous touch of femininity that seduces even the most prickly of males with the audaciousness of its fragrances. So don’t miss out on our selection of pink drinks in the top 5 tastings of rosé wines that you knew nothing about: wines with pronounced character, carefree drinkability, captivating, with no frills and often with an affordable price tag at the wine merchant’s.

“A rosé is the perfect embodiment of the vivacious and jaunty ideal of the beautiful season, with a mischievous touch of femininity.”

Girlan – 448 ASL – Rosè Vigneto delle Dolomites IGT (Regional Geographical Indication) 

Imagine collecting the juice of a mountain into a glass: small wild red berries, red currants and raspberries, the freshness of the grasses among the woods and the purity of the air. The rosé of the dolomites of Girlan encompasses the different essences of the vines of the area of Alto Adige: Lagrein, Pinot Noir and Schiava. The name is associated specifically with the vineyards from which these last two grapes originate, located on the hillsides of Cornaiano dell’Oltradige, at an altitude of 448 m asl, in a soil that is rich in minerals dating from the ice age. Fresh and delicately fruity, it is perfect as an aperitif for a platter of alpine charcuterie, but also with grilled fish enjoyed among friends.

Dattilo – Grayasusi    I.G.T. (Regional Geographical Indication) Val di Neto Rosato

In the province of Crotone there are still some small 17th-century hamlets to be found on the hillsides of Strongoli, overlooking the sea: this is the location for the Ceraudo family’s holiday farm establishment, with its lands that are farmed according to the rules of organic farming and vines that grow alongside ancient olive trees. The kingdom of Gaglioppo is to be found In these places, where one breathes-in the history of far-off times, a native vine that knows how to transform itself into a veritable jewel in pink. A wine with a bouquet of intriguing fragrances with the complexity provided by 6 months of refinement in barriques: strong hints of red cherry, raspberry and pink grapefruit make for a fleshy wine that goes perfectly with white meats and semi-mature cheeses.

“A rosé is the perfect embodiment of the vivacious and jaunty ideal of the beautiful season, with a mischievous touch of femininity.”

Cleto Chiarli e Figli – Vecchia Modena – Lambrusco Modena DOC (Registered Designation of Origin)

Lambrusco di Sorbara is the undisputed king of pink-coloured wines. Sparkling and aromatic, produced from the native vine of the same name from the bunch with small, round grapes, it is the most elegant of all the Lambrusco wines. Chiarli is the oldest producer of the classic wines of the Emilia Romagna region – with a history that dates back to its foundation in 1860 – but also of wines that are still current and that tell stories with an authentic flavour.  The cyclamen coloured wine with a jaunty froth, reveals a wine with fresh, delicate fragrances, ranging from roses, violets, small strawberries and red oranges. The taste is balanced and dry and lively and rich in nuances. Unparalleled and without equal when enjoyed with a pizza.

Azienda  Agricola Bruna – Rossese – Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC (Registered Designation of Origin)

From the Arroscia valley, where the warm, salty influence of the Mediterranean meets the first luminous overhangs of the Ligurian Alps, comes a wine that is the pure expression of lands rich in minerals and iron. An deep rosé, not lacking in strength, which encloses all of its fascination in the agreeableness of the silky tannins. The fragrances range from the arbutus berry to the red currant, with hints of pomegranate and a structure that is clean and refined to the taste, which in its aftertaste reveals a characteristic hint of almond. Guaranteed to go well with oven-baked fish with vegetables and to astound you with sushi.

Argiolas – Serra Lori  – IGT (Regional Geographical Indication) Isola dei Nuraghi.

“A rosé is the perfect embodiment of the vivacious and jaunty ideal of the beautiful season, with a mischievous touch of femininity.”

From the areas to the south or Guamaggiore and Selegas, where the land is a combination of limestone and clay, comes a wine with hints of Sardinia’s sea and the wind that ruffles the vines of Cannonau, Monica, Carignano and Bovale. A tenuously brilliant rosé, with a distinct floral aroma of wild rose on a carpet of herbs from the Mediterranean scrub. For the palate it provides moments of tanginess alongside the fruity hints, which render this an elegant wine with balance and harmony. Tasty when served with a fish soup with Sardinian fregola pasta, a plate of spaghetti served with edible sea urchins but also with a Sicilian Caponata (aubergine-based vegetable stew).