The Best of Li HongBo’s Contemporary Art

Li Hongbo is best known for his interpretation of the paper. Born in Jilin, China, the artist reinvents the materials to challenge the viewer’s expectations. Li Hongbo is best known for his interpretations of paper. His reinvention of the material’s form challenges viewers’ expectations of the medium as an artistic vehicle.

From the Rainbow Series:


Gun No. 3

Rainbow Guns

li hongbo

Utilizing an age-old honeycomb technique seen in paper gourd making in China, Li creates amazing contemporary art with this material which elegantly expands, contract, and retract. His book art hints at influences of folk traditions in China, but in contemporary light play upon perceptions and the visual language of a mercurial medium that has stood the test of time.

Li’s solo exhibition Tools of Study (2014) inaugurated Klein Sun Gallery’s space in Chelsea, New York, to critical acclaim. Staged like an institutional assembly of classical sculptures, the exhibition was activated through participation, with one simple tug, a bust revealed layers and layers of paper art that unraveled like a slinky.  Li’s second exhibition at Klein Sun Gallery, Textbooks (2016), continues his study of paper through examination of school literature.

From the Tools of Study Series:

Goddess of Pantheon

Torso of a Young Woman

From the Textbooks Series:

A Selfless Act No. 2

A Selfless Act Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Li Hongbo has been the recipient of several prestigious awards throughout his career. Most recently he received the Nomination Award from the China Government Publication Awards, and in 2017 he won Grand Prize from the Sovereign Asian Art Foundation.

His work has been the subject of solo museum shows around the world, this contemporary artist is certainly exceptional and his work is something that you will not want to miss!

From the Absorption Series:

Absorption No. 4

Absorption No. 1

Absorption No. 5


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