The Best and Most Peculiar Luxury Furniture Brands in The UK

British Luxury Furniture Brands have conquered new status in recent times, influential product designers are now creating new ideas and products, a more confident and polished work. Designers are taking risks bringing clean-cut, inspired or edgy pieces that are more than objects of aesthetic value.

Also, British luxury furniture can conjure images of smoke-stained chesterfield sofas, mahogany dressers or antique wood-wormed wardrobes. But the British modern furniture industry is experiencing a renaissance, combining an unparalleled history of craftsmanship, quality materials, and eccentricity, with a more modern pulse. Some incredibly skilled designers have catapulted British design up to the highest standards of the pickiest clients. Feel free to click on the topics which interest you the most.


Tom Dixon

The Best and Most Peculiar Luxury Furniture Brands in The UK

The history of Tom Dixon as a brand goes beyond its conception in 2002. From studying pottery, a level to pursuing a career in music, to receiving an OBE in the year 2000. Tom Dixon himself has a history of creativity that has culminated in an award-winning British design brand, the high-end brand has and continues to represent the heritage of British industry.


Based Upon

The Best and Most Peculiar Luxury Furniture Brands in The UK

Created by twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell, Based Upon travels the world to gather narratives, memories, textures, and histories. These works tell stories: of a client’s life, or of Based Upon’s own experiences. Each Based Upon work carries the intention of its maker; every piece with a unique design resonating with the personal or physical landscapes from which it was conceived.


Nina Campbell

The Best and Most Peculiar Furniture Brands in The UK

Predominantly an interior designer, Nina Campbell’s furniture constitutes all that was missing when sourcing furniture for client projects. As the interior designer herself, she comments ‘I would like to think that I approach it from a practical point of view as well as an aesthetic view as I like to know how I can use every piece that we make’. Though a veteran of luxury British interiors, Nina Campbell seeks to evolve with clients, adopting new looks and modern twists on traditional classics, such as contemporary Ralph chair in Duccio Indigo – a warming color and fabric, harking back to opulent Britannia while assuming a shape far more in line with the modern living space.


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Metamorphosis Center Table Boca do Lobo


Lee Broom

The Best High-End and Luxury Furniture Brands in the U.K.

Lee Broom is one of the UK’s leading product & interior designers. Since 2007 he has released over 75 modern furniture and lighting products, which he designs and manufactures under his own label.  A supporter of British manufacturing techniques, Broom designs, manufactures and retails his own collections.

Michael Anastassiades

The Best High-End and Luxury Furniture Brands in the U.K.

Michael Anastassiades launched his studio in 1994 to explore contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics through a combination of product, luxury furniture, and environmental unique design. He creates objects that are minimal, utilitarian and almost mundane, yet full of vitality one might not expect.

Francis Sultana

The Best High-End and Luxury Furniture Brands in the U.K.

Francis Sultana was set up his studio in 2009 to create interiors for many of his major art collector clients. Alongside the interior’s projects, the atelier also produces annual collections of bespoke and limited-edition luxury furniture and textiles under the Francis Sultana brand. Francis designs across interiors, furniture, lighting, and accessories and has created key pieces for important historical interiors such as Spencer House.


Tom Raffield

The Best High-End and Luxury Furniture Brands in the U.K.

Inspired by nature, made by hand and shaped by steam, the Tom Raffield in Cornwall incorporates innovative steam bending techniques and sustainable contemporary design practices to create modern wooden furniture and lighting. With an experimental workshop set among six acres of ancient Cornish woodland, Tom Raffield designs are synonymous with nature, created as sculptural pieces of art inspired by the natural environment around them.


Doshi Levien

The Best High-End and Luxury Furniture Brands in the U.K.

Doshi Levien is an internationally acclaimed design studio founded by designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levlen. Working across disciplines and industries, Doshi Levien’s work celebrates the hybrid and explores the coming together of cultures, technology, industrial design, and fine craftsmanship.


Jimmie Martin

The Best High-End and Luxury Furniture Brands in the U.K.

Jimmie Martin an established luxury brand since 2004. Based in London, United Kingdom, the main focus is on hand painted pieces of modern furniture. Known for transforming pieces of furniture into unique design one-off pieces that become personal to their clients.

 Savoir Beds

The Best and Most Peculiar Luxury Furniture Brands in The UK

Touted the world’s most luxurious sleeping system, Savoir Beds are renowned for their high standards and comfort philosophy. Created for The Savoy Hotel in London in 1905, their tailor-made beds have become almost as legendary as the stars who have slept in them. Think ‘bespoke on bespoke’, making any size, shape, stand-alone or headboard beautifully upholstered or even made fit into an existing frame. Savoir Beds uses quality, natural materials from long, curled Latin American horse tail to Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool.


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