Best Summer Destinations

Dubai, Indonesia


Go and feel the Bali’s sun, sand and surf. Stress-easing nature tranquility urban escapists scenes are completed by fantastic nights that almost make the sun jealous he can’t see them.

There are lots of southeast Asian destinations  but none of them can be compared to Bali’s mix of culture, history, stunning beaches, lush tropical vistas, great shopping, big surf, sexy hotels, sensual spas, sleek bars, restaurants and super friendly locals.



Istanbul is a city not just to visit, neither just to take vacations, its perfect for living! So many culture, history, emotion, and such a kind people. There is so many places to go that we could write and hole article about the city, from the Grand Bazaar to the Sultan Ahmet Camii Mosque. Go visit and if you can stay there and enjoy the rest of your life.



Tokyo is a great misture from the modern world to the traditional one. You can breath the pop-culture everywhere around you from night to day! Visit tradicional places like the East Garderns of the Imperial Palace and then go and try sake before hitting on of the greatest discos in the world … Ageha!!!



Barcelona is so artistic! From Salvador Dali to Antoni Gaudí designs in several of the city’s buildings you can really feel that this city was once the world center of arts. Enjoy it in a Slow City mood and forget about the rush of everyone that lives there, go to the Las Ramblas, drink some sangria, watch the street artist and of course eat so tapas before the disco time!

Dubai_United Arab Emirates


If there is a place where all the luxury brands are trying to target … is Dubai! A city rising from part a desert part the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf coast, Dubai is a more stylish LA of the new era. With the iconic Burj al Arab, an seven-star hotel, as an iconic touristic attraction there is more… much more to visit and live there, from can snorkel, ski, sunbathe and shop at the world’s biggest mall in one day… living la vida loca right?



The mini island of Capri is an HUGE summer vacation destination. If you go there you have mainly two fantastic choices stay at the center and see, live, or buy Italian designs while partying ‘till dawn or go north and live the sea views, fantastic hidden coves and the beautiful mountains.



When you think about Sun, Summer, Beach, Palm Trees… yeah Miami pop’s in our heads! Few cities have such white-sand, pristine beaches with beautifully bikini-clad, bronzed bodies and endless days of perfect sunshine, too.



In the corner of Europe you can find another perfect summer destination… Algarve in Portugal. A tourist area that lives from summer parties and tourists, it’s all about please their visitors. Go to the beautiful beaches with attentive treatment that make sure you enjoy your quantum of sun and end your nights at beautiful discos full of tanned and beautiful people.



Sydney is not all about the Olympics. Besides their great fame in sport events this city can be a summer paradise. Go to hot beaches, visit modern architecture, enjoy the best bars… and off course, don’t forget about the kangaroos.


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