Best Work of Iconic Dutch Designer Tejo Remy

Tejo Remy works as a product, interior and public space designer together with Rene Veenhuizen in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Remy gained recognition after creating his most iconic artworksChest of Drawers and Rag Chair which opened the doors for a new generation of designers to explore the use of reclaimed and everyday materials in new forms and reinvented objects. Since then he became iconic Dutch designer. Each of his projects develop a different mindset giving the spotlight to materials and creating a new outlook to ordinary spaces.

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The designer doesn’t follow guidelines, established social norms or hierarchy, on the contrary,  his outcome is always unknown but filled with materialized poetry. The philosophy underlying the work of Tejo Remy cannot be read at glance, but the idea is felt immediately.

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Best Work of Iconic Dutch Designer Tejo Remychestofdrawers1

Chest of Drawers had its première in 1991 and has since become a true classic, an icon of conceptual design. A criticism on consumerism, Tejo Remy collected found drawers, gave them new enclosures and loosely bundled them into a chest.

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Considering everything as material, Remy incorporates existing information, circumstances, or found goods into new design, often bringing in more social contact or, telling the story of a particular place.

Best Work of Iconic Dutch Designer Tejo Remyslope_en_hek_1

He has continued to explore the nature of objects in our physical world, creating products and spaces that connect with the user on a personal level, often deriving forms from the natural world, and forcing the user to rethink their interactions with their environments and possessions.

Best Work of Iconic Dutch Designer Tejo Remymilkbottlelamp

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