Every year, millions of people struggle to find a Christmas gift worthy for their loved ones. However, figuring out how to turn all your love for someone else into a perfect gift, can be quite a stressful task. That’s why, this year, Boca do Lobo decided to make everything much easier with a curated selection of luxurious and exclusive pieces from the Private Collection.
In a season where sharing love and magic is an unavoidable point, we invite you to experience the same love our designers and artisans have for exclusive design, through some of our emblematic pieces, perfect for a Christmas gift. For those who appreciate good music and a fine cigar in the Christmas evening, SYMPHONY CYGAR HUMIDOR might be the perfect gift! Providing constant humidity, this luxurious piece will keep your cigars moist and stored in the best conditions.
luxury furniture in a living room
In such a special evening, meant to be spent with your loved ones, time has no price. So, keep you watch away from you, forget about the hours and just enjoy the moment with those who are really special for you! Boca do Lobo gives you the perfect solution with a unique selection of luxurious watch winders – CLOUD WATCH WINDER, a statement art piece inspired by Newton’s Law of Attraction and DIAMOND WATCH WINDER. Fine mechanisms of valuable automatic watches require movement and relaxation and with these exclusive and luxurious pieces, rhythm will be controlled in a perfect way in order to give the watch it harbors a longer life.