Bubles ceiling lamp by Lindsey Adelman

Today we are present you some amazing ceiling lamp design by Lindsey Adelman.

I love exploring new forms and when they came out as a wonderful design it’s even better. That’s why I like Lindsey Adams Adelman that was born in New York City in 1968. Her current work is the apex of a lifelong exploration in making objects special in the lighting design scene. Influenced by 19th-century ornamentation and natural phenomenon, she and a small team create large hand-blown glass and brass pieces that seem to take on a life of their own: the arms and tendrils expand out and grow organically from the center, seemingly random, quite dramatically, but with graceful purpose. Lindsey likes to combine the hand-crafted with the machine-made, the sensual with the practical, and the feminine with the masculine consistently that what defines her work. Her innovative chandeliers are a unique cross between industry and nature.


Adelman founded her studio in 2006. Today in her New York City Studio she has a team of 15 and a network of local artisans that manufacture each piece to order. In spite of lighting has been the Adelman’s focus, she has recently explored jewelry, vessels, tiles, and wallpaper with various materials like wood, concrete, porcelain, gold, and stereolithography.

Her work has been included in the Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial and Design Miami and she has received awards from the ICFF Editors, I.D. and Blueprint magazines.

Presenting the Supernova Chandelier, By Boca do Lobo, inspired by a massive star explosion. The suspended brass particles will offer you a timeless, brightest and magnificent setting.

Supernova Chandelier by Boca do Lobo
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Knotty Bubbles are a piece heavily inspired by Japanese packaging and maritime culture, Knotty Bubbles is a sculptural light made of hand-blown glass globes tied together with knotted rope.The hand-made nature of the Knotty Bubbles ensures that each is a unique piece. It can be customized piece. This piece was designed for Roll & Hill.


Roll & Hill is a New York City- based manufacturer of high-end contemporary lighting. Roll & Hill brings a uniquely American perspective to the international contemporary lighting market. They produce original work by American and international designers, they also make well-designed contemporary lighting for residential and commercial interiors. Roll & Hill products are unique, innovative, responsible and made to order.