Cardboard Sculptures evoke Warren King’s Ancestral Culture

Sculptures can be made of various materials, like per example, in stone, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials, but since modern art era started, there has been freedom to what materials and processes to choose from.

And Warren King chooses cardboard to make all of his modern sculptures.

The artist started sculpting with cardboard to add fantasy to the lives of his children, first crafting masks and helmets out of recyclable material, and this turned to be a more time-consuming art. Then he started doing these cardboard art installations instead of playing masks.

After visiting his grandparents in the south of China, Shaoxing, this New York City-based artist felt that he needed to get to know this city, where generations of his family had lived.

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Supernova Chandelier Boca do Lobo

So these life-size cardboard people were born. The recreations of his ancestors. This contemporary art cardboard people.

During his visit to his ancestor’s village, he started to speak with people who remembered his grandparents from over 50 years ago, before the Chinese Civil War, who shared a cultural, racial and ancestral connection that was hard when his ancestors left that place 50 years ago.

This experience inspired him to become a contemporary sculpture artist.

“Through my artwork, I am attempting to understand the fragile connections to people and culture, and examine whether those connections, once broken, can be restored.” said Warren King.

These series of life-size figures made with cardboard and glue are an ongoing project that has the purpose to recreate the residents of his grandparent´s home village.

The forms are abstract and the backs of the sculptures are not finished,  revealing hollowness and the artist’s meticulous construction.

His sculptures are about representing his attempts to understand them and the limitations of that.

Cardboard Sculptures evoke Warren King’s Ancestral Culture

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