Carsten Höller: The Scientist That Became A Contemporary Artist

Carsten Höller’ is a Belgium contemporary artist which modern art installations offer deep visual and intellectual experience.  Notable works include an ongoing series contemporary sculpturesfly agaric mushrooms and corkscrewing tubular metal slides.

Carsten Höller: The Scientist That Become A Contemporary Artist

Using his training as a scientist in his artwork, s primary concerns relate to the nature of human perception and self-exploration. He has undertaken many projects that invite viewer participation and interaction while questioning human behavior, perception, and logic.

Carsten Höller: The Scientist That Become A Contemporary Artist

Carsten Höller: The Scientist That Become A Contemporary Artist

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To Höller, museums and galleries are places of experimentation, offering a space and time where you can try things out that you can’t try otherwise’ as well as the opportunity for “large-scale experiments with people”.

Some of Höller’s works are based on historic experiments, including those carried out by gestalt psychologists in the early 20th century. The focus, as well as the “working material” of his varied and interactive artwork, is a personal experience, which the modern artist admits is ‘the language of the devil’ to scientists.

His “laboratory of doubt,” embodied in objects ranging from carousels and slippery slides to upside-down goggles, often contains playful, hallucinatory or darkly humorous overtones in order to provoke experience and reflection.

A crop of magic mushrooms hanging upside-down from the ceiling, with the modern sculptures Höller aims to disorient and by doing so, stimulate precognitive moments of pure sensation.

The Prada Double Club Miami by Carsten Höller

“Doubt” invites visitors to choose one of two paths at the start of the show before being thrust into the artist’s mad funhouse.


    Written by Artur Branco