Chubby Cloud is the World’s Biggest Bean Bag

The world’s biggest bean bag was installed by the designer Anya Hindmarch during London’s Fashion Week. The giant cloud-shaped bean bag had people lounging on it while wearing boiler suits. For three days, a neoclassical 17th-century building designed by Inigo Jones received Chubby Cloud in the main room of Banqueting House.

Visitors were asked to dress in protective white boilersuits before climbing onto the gigantic, soft structure. Once aboard, they could either jump around or lie back and admire the artwork overhead the only surviving ceiling painting by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens.

The bean bag was big enough to hold up to 90 people at a time. Hindmarch described this creation as the largest bean bag in the world. She explained that it was designed to match her Chubby Collection of bags and accessories.


“Chubby Cloud is an experimental installation,” she said ahead of the launch. “Inspired by our Chubby Collection, the world’s biggest bean bag will immerse people in our brand whilst listening to and experiencing things that we love.”


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Hindmarch developed the installation with bean bag manufacturer and textiles company, Precision Stitching. Before building the final product, they produced a series of small-scale prototypes to test how the beanbag behaved.

All this fun coming from Chubby Cloud included bedtime stories read by fashion model Poppy Delevingne and a conversation between to Serpentine Galleries CEO Yana Peel and designer Marc Quinn.

This project forms an extension of Hindmarch’s Chubby Hearts over London campaign, which saw the designer install heart-shaped balloons across the city for Valentine’s Day.

Accompanying the installation of the bean bag Chubby Cloud, Hindmarch also opened a pop-up café and store that sold all kind of products like eye masks or even marshmallows.

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