Classic & contemporary in a table with a unique design

The beauty of arabesques and floral arrangements was and still is one of the main themes in the design world. From garments to buildings, curves and details of flowers and leaves were recorded as a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

Moreover, from the 1950s, the design world has been invaded by a concept that brought more minimalist and straight lines and curves that were applied only to shape the pieces.

Two awesome models. One, modern, that tries to predict the future, and other, traditional, retracing a elegant past. And if you think that it’s impossible to merge both into a coherent piece, you are wrong, and the Royal table is the proof of that.

This Boca do Lobo’s piece that brings in only one object two realms, is an incredible example of creativity and style. And if you have enough attitude to support so much personality in your decor, you can surely have the best of both worlds with this table in your living or dining room.