Colorful, humorous and yet elegant

A pixel is the smallest point that exists in a digital image. Join thousands of them and you will get an entire image. The pixels can be understood as the atoms of the image, and the greater the amount of them in a photo or drawing, more tones can be displayed and greater is the quality of the image.

A similar effect happens in the Boca do Lobo’s Limited edition cabinet Pixel. 1088 small triangles with amazing colors and tones are positioned forming a piece that really catch the eyes.

With a modern and humorous design, this luxury furniture combines in its production elements that convey all his uniqueness: silver leaf, gold leaf, lacquering, and 10 different types of wood leaf. On the inside, an aged mirror and compartments complete the functionality of the piece.

Done to stand out, just like a beautiful picture, Pixel gives a strong personality and style without forgetting to give a modern touch to the environment where it is inserted and combine the colors perfectly with spaces like rooms and lounges. Perfect for any home decoration!