Contemporary interiors, the furniture that you don’t want to miss

Decorating your home can be a hard task but the felling when it’s over is overwhelming. It’s wonderful when you finish your home decor and fell that this is your space and your essence.

So stay focus on the task and take some decor ideas and tips to decorate: pick your paint colors last, choose mismatched seating and don’t forget the closet lighting.

Beside this tricks there is furnishing that you don’t want to miss to get the contemporary house that you dream. Find some of them here.

A bar cabinet

design bar cabinet

A design sofa

sofa fendi casa

A coffee table

a design coffe table

A center table

design Center table

A crystal chandelier

crystal chandeliers-inspiration

A sideboard

Design white sideboard

A high end dining table

orm architects high end dining table

A bedside table


An original bed 

bedroom-clean-fresh- mattress origianl bedAnd that’s how you can create a great modern and energetic environment in your home. The main decoration purpose is the residents to feel happy and satisfied. It will transpire in your life!