Contemporary Lamps Take Over A Manchester Square

A new creation brought by the local art and design studio Acrylicize has been built in Piccadilly Place. Five very contemporary lamps ranging from 3.4m to 6m tall, have been put right in the middle of Manchester to give a new artistic life to the city.

This public art honors Manchester’s illustrious past whilst optimistically looking towards the future. Each of the five colorful lamps marks a significant local historical innovation, ranging from Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid Century, Victorian to Contemporary.

Each lamp hides a very creative design ready to be unraveled when visited by the locals, and their motifs and graphics represent different stories of different eras.

The honeycomb design lattices across the 1950s bedside light denote the famous Mancunian Worker Bee mantra whilst the green canopy of the banker’s desk light is decorated with the scrambled code inspired by Alan Turing’s cracking of the Enigma code.

Finally, the modern Anglepoise lamp is turned upward, projecting a vibrant display of shape and color onto the surrounding wall, and representing the next chapter of this city’s compelling and ever-evolving story.

While making Manchester very trendy, as well as providing lighting, these contemporary lamps offer seating and have incorporated electric heater for the colder months that are right around the corner. Complementing this modern art, new landscaping, and paving with bold graphics and colorful patterns within the tunnel entrance.

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“We hope that the lamps will bring people together and provide a lasting legacy to the city,” says James Burke, Founder of Acrylicize.

These contemporary lamps enhance Manchester’s amazing heritage in innovation and truly honor both the city and its people.

Inspired by the famed Robert Peel quote, “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow”, the Manchester Lamps celebrates the city’s rich history of innovation and community!

contemporary lamps

contemporary lamps

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