Daniel Mercadante’s Rainbow Road Artwork

Daniel Mercadante from the creative duo The Mercadantes has created luminous artwork made of rainbow colors in natural places in his photographic series, Rainbow Roads.

Daniel Mercadante’s Rainbow Road Artwork

Northern Californian photographer and filmmaker Daniel Mercadante has been painting natural landscapes with light, he has decided to realize a little and on-going photographic and modern project, Rainbow Roads.
Daniel’s photographs, luminous trails made of rainbow colors become roads impossible to not notice in the middle of natural places merged in the obscurity of night. Mercadante takes advantage of dark skies between dusk and dawn to make his multi-colored ribbons stand out.

His recent photography has had a strong focus on the outdoors, playing with light, exploring contrast and featuring linear patterns in nature, just like an art installation.

Daniel Mercadante’s light painting has been traversing rocky creeks, exploring sheds, winding around lakes and into the hearts of his followers. If you are on social media maybe you are accustomed to following the #lightpainting hashtag and you may have seen these long exposures trending modern art.

His recent work winds across the forest floor as the sun begins to set or rise — of course, a filmmaker first, Mercadante is no stranger to beautiful compositions.
You can see other projects and award-winning films from the filmmaker’s couple on their website, the Mercadantes and follow more rainbow action on Instagram @danielmercadante.


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