David Hockney’s Painting Sold for a Record-Breaking Value

David Hockney‘s Portrait of an Artist painting was sold by a record-breaking value of  $90.3m, at the famous British auction house, Christie’s. The painting from this contemporary artist is one that speaks from the heart, and not many works especially from nowadays do that.

Portrait of an Artist, or also known as a Pool with Two Figures, is a mesmerizing artwork, a soft distinction of love and sorrow, a sad melody, poem, an artwork that expresses pain to the maximum even though it surely doesn’t look like it when looked at for the first time. And that pain belongs merely to David Hockney.

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Known as one of the most remarkable artists of his time, this is a huge mark of recognition of Hockney’s work of 60 years, and this time, Portrait of an Artist‘s art exhibition became a dazzling moment to come face to face with this amazing painting.

The scale of the painting takes anyone by surprise, and when seen in real life, it’s overwhelming to see the real artwork, like a life-scale size. This painting reveals the heartbreaking pain that Hockney went through a while ago when breaking up with his lover Peter Schlesinger. It is believed that he was the love of his life and that’s who’s painted in Portrait of an Artist as the man in the pink jacket gazing into the pool, but the represented swimmer is not Hockney.

More artwork by the artist:

David Hockney's Portrait of an Artist painting was sold by a record-breaking value of  $90.3m, at the famous British auction house, Christie's.

If any artwork is worth this amount of money, it had to be this one by the legendary David Hockney, a transformation of raw feelings represented in a canvas. After this iconic work, he never reproduced something of this level, this is a work of art where the artist gave it all. Hockney expressed everything to the fullest and never represented love and pain in his artwork ever again. Dear I Lobo You readers, I think it’s safe to say that David Hockney broke the record with his own broken heart.

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