Deconstruction of a chair by Jade T Cho

Korean student Jade T Cho presented us with a design chair that we haven’t experienced before. Just like if it was a living being, the chair is deconstructed with flesh and bones.

Her graduation work intends to get people thinking about life in another way. As a commonly seen object in our life, an old armchair was used. This armchair was out of trend and was thrown away, abandoned by its original user, being replaced by a new one. People do that often to our belongings and sometimes even to other people. What if the armchair had a life? Would a different ending had happened to it?

Deconstruction of a chair by Jade T Cho- furniture I Lobo you

That’s the thought Jade brought to the very realistic work. Like we should be connected to our belongings in a different way, or maybe the message is that we shouldn’t be throwing things away.

She states: ‘I have always been interested in the beauty of anatomy’. ‘As I constantly learn about furniture, I keep realizing that the relationship between our anatomical structure is not very different from furniture. this artwork was a way for me to show this idea and to get people wondering about life’.

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Cho bought the abandoned armchair at a low price and did the rest of the work with his hands. She cut the sofa in half and started making the bone structures. various materials were used to make this work like resin, lumber, urethane foam, leather, paint, and sponges. The final result really impacts the consumer. We put on a thought of the same idea in other objects in our life and start imagining that they could be our buddies. In fact, maybe we unnoticed that it’s for them that we are talking when taking alone…


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