Design Agenda – Get ready for Milan Fuorisalone

fuorisalone  Design Agenda – Get ready for Milan Fuorisalone fuorisalone

Are you ready for the next Fuorisalone 2012? I surely am! And I am also feeling totally anxious for it! That’s when Milan will change dresses and become the world’s design and furniture capital. I am sure it is going to be a magnificent event, a must-go for design lovers. For those who have never heard about Fuorisalone, is the design promotion as the event, as performance, and as installation of the urban texture. A design that, emerging from its oficial spaces, becomes accessible to all by using appropriate tools and services.

From April 17th to April 22nd you can either choose to go to the Expo Area in Rho and get dazed and confused by the thousands of exhibitors at iSaloni and Salone Satellite or to wander and wonder along Milan’ streets. You can’t absolutely miss the Tortona Area!

Brera Design District is also in my mind. Brera is a historic district of Milan, which for centuries provides a fundamental contribution to the cultural life of the city. Brera is a place full of charm and culture, a world accustomed to anticipate trends, where art, fashion, design intertwine. A diverse place, cozy, warm, covered by a flurry of creative and artistic, where culture mixes shopping and entertainment. Through the key to the design and creativity, so the excellent map of the area and relates them in an integrated communication system on different devices. The launch date is the next Fuorisalone, in conjunction with the iSaloni, but will be active throughout the year with a series of initiatives and events. Brera Design District’s objective is to communicate Brera as a reference point for design Milanese territory with the highest density of showrooms, galleries, venues, spaces dedicated to contemporary design and in terms of art and culture.



1. Valcucine Milano Brera: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 99

2. Bertazzoni: via Solferino, 7

3. Calligaris Flag Ship Store: via Tivoli angolo Foro Buonaparte, 24

4. Magis: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 77

5. Spazio RT: via Fatebenefratelli, 34

6. Eric Parry Architects: foro Buonaparte, 22

7. Peka: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2

8. Appartamento Lago: via Brera, 30 – II piano

9. FaloStore Turati: via Filippo Turati, 3

10. Agape 12: via Statuto, 12

11. Special Exhibition curated by COVER Magazine, via San

12. eos Mktg&Communication: piazza Castello, 5

13. De Mura: Sistema: via dei Bossi, 3

14. Florim Flagship Store: via Fatebenefrateli, 9

15. Segno Italiano: via Solferino, 9

16. Segno Italiano: via Varese, 12

17. Segno Italiano: via San Carpoforo, 3

18. Tappeti Contemporanei: via San Carpoforo, 1

19. Weiss.cucinebianchi: via Arrigo Boito, 8

20. A. G. Spalding & Bros Store: via Solferino, 2 angolo via

21. Advantage Austria: via Palermo, 10

22. Alpac: via Palermo,1 (ingresso al cívico 5)

23. Alulife: via Americo Vespucci, 1/3

24. Aluproject: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2

25. Andy Martin Studio: via Varese, 8

26. Boffi Solferino: via Solferino, 11

27. Antonio Lupi Showroom Milano: via di porta tenaglia, 6

28. Basement 1: via Palermo, 1

29. Brix_Superfici: via Brera, 4

30. Cape Best: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 44

31. Change-Up!: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 42

32. Christina Schaefer Design Studio // Manfredi: via Brera, 2

33. Cottoveneto: via Fiori Chiari, 16

34. CUBE di Bonomi Roberta: via Arrigo Boito, 8

35. B. Morone: via Madonnina, 12

36. Dedar: via Fiori Chiari, 18

37. Enea, Exteta, Roda, DownTown: via Brera, 15

38. Henry Timi: foro Buonaparte, 52

39. La Tenda: via Solferino ang via Ancona

40. Galleria Michela Cattai: via Fiori Chiari, 7

41. Geberit: via Pontaccio, 19

42. Gianfranco Farioli: piazza San Marco, 2

43. Giuliano Nobili Interiors: via Fiori Chiari, 26

44. HL: via Marco Formentini, 14

45. Homeless Design: via Ciovasso, 15

46. I segni del tempo: via Marco Formentini, 4/6

47. Itahlhome Le Sedie: largo Claudio Treves, 2

48. Amoeba ji Joanna Lyle Design: via Marsala, 11

49. Kristina Ti: via Solferino, 18

50.50 L’Invisibile: via Pontaccio, 19

51. Laminam: via Mercato, 3

52. Loft Milano: via Marco Formentini, 14 ang. Via Fiori Chiari

53. Enzo Mantovani: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 34

54. MarinaC: via della Moscova, 6/8

55. Massproductions: via Varese, 12

56. Molteni&C Dada: via Solferino angolo via Pontaccio

57. Moroso: via Pontaccio, 8/10

58. Mul10 Design: via Castelfidardo, 2 ang via Solferino

59. Newform Showroom: via Fiori Oscuri, 3

60. Nike Stadium: foro Buonaparte, 50

61. Opera Prima: via Alessandro Volta, 21

62. Ordine Architetti P.P.C. Provincia Di Milano: via Solferino, 19

63. Otto luogo dell’Arte: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 51

64. Filippo Ghezzani – Paolina Design: via Solferino, 48

65. Preis: via Solferino angolo via Palermo

66. RBfineart: foro Buonaparte, 46

67. Refin Studio: fuoro Buonaparte, 68

68. Robertaebasta – Fiori Chiari: via Fiori Chiari, 3

69. Robertaebasta – Solferino: via Solferino, fronte cívico 3

70. Roberto Semprini: via Marco Formentini, 12

71. Rossi di Albizzate: via Brera, 2

72. Sicis: via Fatebenefratelli, 8

73. Sillabe: piazza Paolo VI, 6

74. SoFar / SoNear: via Solferino, 24

75. Society: via Palermo, 1

76. Solferino 24/A: via Solferino, 24/A

77. Spazio 900 Modernariato&Design: Corso Garibaldi, 42

78. SPREAD: via Marsala, 1

79. Star Stabilimento Alimentare: via Sacchi, 7

80. Star Stabilimento Alimentare: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 84/86

81. Sumampa: via Ciovassino, 5

82. Think Simple: via Brera, 30

83. Teatro Olimpia: foro Buonaparte, 74

84. Urushj: corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 65

85. Wall & Decò: via Pontaccio, 19

86. Xera by Arex Spa: viale Francesco Crispi, 5/B

87. Riflessioni: via Palermo, 5/11

88. Marco Zanuso e Giuseppe Raboni: via San Marco, 46

89. Cesar: via Solferino, 11

90. Arcade: via Palermo, 1

91. Party Service: via Brera, 15



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