Design Agenda – OCCUPY! by Dejana Kabiljo

dajana kobiljo-1

The Temporary Museum for new Design, the exhibition designed to host in an edgy way the projects by big brands but also by up-and-coming talents, following the successful “less fair more” concept, comes back for its fourth year in via Tortona 27, at Superstudio Più, widened by the Extension at Superstudio 13.

Temporary Museum For Design

And again in the outdoors, “Occupy!” by Dejana Kabiljo, an installation shaped as a big mattress, marked by a strong social value and a great impact.

Want it or not, OCCUPY! has a strong impact worldwide. The Protester has been chosen the Times magazine person of the year. OCCUPPY! project defines issues of our times, questioning our aesthetic and political demands in design.

Is Occuppy My Couch a solution? Is Occupy my leather sofá with 6 months of delivery time a solution? We still do a lot of sitting. In order to achive the goals we are striving for, we need to do quite some sitting together. This looong mattress extends from the private into the public, including fun and interactivity, quick, clever, colorful, stylish and sexy.

Here’s an interview to Dejana Kabiljo from last year created by Design Gallerist. Enjoy!