Elena Salmistraro’s Carpet Design For CC Tapis

In January the Italian brand CC-tapis presented new carpet design in the most distinguished design fairs: IMM Cologne and Maison Objet Paris. Elena Salmistraro was invited to collaborate with the design brand creating new products, alongside other Italian designers, Leonardo Talarico and Domenico Rocca & Alberto Nespoli of EligoStudio.

Elena Salmistraro already reveals her creative talent working as a product designer and artist/illustrator for some of the creative interior design leading companies.

Elena Salmistraro Carpet Design For CC Tapis

Elena Salmistraro Carpet Design For CC Tapis

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Her creations are the result of a combination of art and design; which are characterized by a poetic style, the utmost care for details and a painstaking search for harmony in shapes. One of her work’s objectives is to the exploration into an objects’ expressive language in order to fascinate people and evoke emotions. Unique design objects, she creates funny and cool statement home decor pieces.

Elena Salmistraro Carpet Design For CC Tapis

Elena Salmistraro Carpet Design For CC TapisRugs are transformed into two-dimensional universes inhabited by geometric shapes, just like in the novel Flatland, the fantastic story in multiple dimensions, written by Reverend Edwin A. Abbott in 1884. Triangles, lines, circles, and squares overlap, meet and collide becoming conscious of each other, just as they do in the novel, unaware of the colors and the magic they hold.

The home decor collection has two faces; one more tactile and “rough”, the other softer and lighter, one more intense and crowded, the other sober and sublime. A series of rugs which play with contrast emphasizing duality and the craftsmanship involved in their creation.