Embroidery Art With Blood Vessels By Juana Gomez

More human art, humans are so complicated, this artwork made by life itself with so many particular systems – it´s science, it´s life, it´s art. And today on Iloboyou we have Embroidery Art With Blood Vessels By Juana Gomez.

Embroidery Art With Blood Vessels By Juana GomezThe artist Juana Gómez wants to understand the larger systems that compose the outside world.

The contemporary art artist embroiders the bones, muscles, veins, and synapses that lie below her skin onto self-portraits, tracing her biological structures as a way to translate the similar patterns found in nature and modern art civilization.

“There is fundamental law that can be seen in the veins of a leaf, the course of rivers and their tributaries, the circuits of the central nervous system, the currents of the sea, and the routes of traffic on the Internet,” says the Embroidery Art artist.

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“Deciphering this common language, which connects the micro cosmos with the macro cosmos, the external and the interior world, allows us to distinguish a pattern that influences inert, biological, social and cultural systems.”

The hand embroidery photographs were sections of her body—face, torso, hands, legs, feet—which she then prints onto loose linen or another similar fabric.

Next, she embroiders onto her duplicated skin, stitching brightly colored thread over her tattooed body. Creating such an amazing Embroidery Art.

This picture combining the tattoos and her embroidery vessels is an incredible vision.

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