Exclusive – Campana Brothers for Cosentino


Innovative and original, the Cosentino project is carried out with the collaboration of Humberto and Fernando Campana, globally renowned Brazilian designers. The starring role belongs to Silestone®, Eco® and Sensa® natural materials, all by Cosentino, shaped by the Campana brothers’ creativity, until they become an island of colors.

Cosentino by Campana Brothers

Independent surfaces, inspired by the multi-functionality concept, recall the stratified function of the Swiss knife. The project consists of a multifunctional island built from separate and distinct surfaces, characterised by bright colours and that are immersed in an ethereal ambience with white and translucent walls.Their extraordinary characteristics show, once again, that Cosentino products are ideal to offer solutions that stand out for their design, versatility and modernity.

Campana Brothers

The Cosentino Group, a leading global company in producing and distributing surfaces made of quartz, natural stone and recycled materials, unveiled this project at Milan Design Week in Superstudio Piu, at Zona Tortona. This is the second occasion in which the Cosentino Group and the Campana designers have joined forces in the development of a major design project.

Fernando and Humberto Campana

Campana Brothers